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Home automation is one of the top trends in today’s energy efficient dwellings. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage your energy use manually, but smart home systems can take over this task for you. Keep your utility bills low and your comfort spot-on with automated management in your Lucas, Texas, home.

Choose a Thermostat That Adapts

Busy homeowners don’t have time to track the minute temperature changes that take place throughout the day, but smart thermostats do. The Cor WiFi Thermostat is an outstanding example of smart technology. This product uses a smart setback feature to adapt its operation beyond your manual settings, making those tiny tweaks that add up to big energy savings over time. This function maintains your preferred comfort levels while altering the system’s operation for improved efficiency.

Gather Energy Reports

Today’s smart thermostats keep careful track of your energy use, day and night. Over time, this information can yield valuable insights into your habits and utility expenses. Not only will a smart thermostat give you access to this detailed data, it will also offer suggestions for how you can change your habits to increase savings.

Incorporate Hybrid Heat

If you have a Carrier Infinity Touch thermostat, heat pump, and furnace, you can take advantage of an intelligent Hybrid Heat system setting. The Infinity Touch thermostat will carefully coordinate both the heat pump and furnace to provide you with optimum heating using as little energy as possible.

Adjust Settings for Your Smart Home Lifestyle

Programmable thermostats allow you to input several different settings that correspond to your daily needs. You can set your heating and cooling back at night or when you’re away and adjust temperatures accordingly during your vacation. With Wi-Fi capability, you can even tweak your thermostat settings from afar so you’re never heating or cooling your space when you don’t need to.
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