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If you have a rental property in McKinney, Texas, HVAC upgrades are beneficial to both you and your tenants. Although a new HVAC system isn’t necessarily what people think of first, it will help to rent it faster and for more money. You’ll also save money on potential repairs. 

Rent It Out Faster

Renters are getting smarter about their next homes, which means they are asking to see earlier utility bills before signing on the dotted line. Upgraded HVAC systems save money on monthly utility bills and help with improved air quality. By marketing the benefits of a new HVAC system, you can attract more potential renters to get your property rented out faster. 

Save On Repairs

An aging HVAC system undoubtedly will need repairs. Tenants don’t tend to be patient when the HVAC system stops working so you end up having to pay for emergency maintenance on top of paying for the repair. New systems aren’t likely to break down, which means you don’t have to get it fixed throughout the year. Invest in preventive maintenance, and your system won’t break down out of nowhere. You’ll get a lot more life out of your investment. 

Charge a Premium

People don’t tend to want to spend a lot of extra money because the HVAC system is new, but you could still charge a premium on the apartment because of the benefits. You are saving the renter money on their utility bills and preventing poor indoor air quality, which are both desirable for tenants. If you invest in an energy-efficient system, you can market the apartment as a greener alternative which also allows you to charge a premium that people will pay. 

If you’re ready to upgrade the HVAC system in your rental home, then it’s time to call Bill Joplin’s. Contact us at 888-414-4655 to speak with an experienced professional about the most efficient and affordable option for your rental property. If you’re not ready to upgrade quite yet, at least invest in a preventive maintenance agreement to keep your current system protected.

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