Summer heat and humidity have arrived here in McKinney, Texas. For tech-savvy homeowners, installing a Wi-Fi thermostat is an easy way to monitor cooling trends, system use, and more. There are several benefits of having a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home.

Lower Cooling Costs

Wi-Fi thermostats monitor cooling patterns in your home and make recommendations to help you save money. You’ll learn when you can change cooling use based on when you’re at home, when you’re sleeping, and which zones in your home can be adjusted.

Easily Controlled

Having control of your home’s cooling system from work or school is simple. Apps featuring remote access are available on several smartphones and tablets. These apps alert you to changing weather and forecasts to help you maintain comfort and save money.

Ever wake up in the night freezing, but don’t want to get up? It’s a quick fix from your phone to nudge the AC up just a few degrees.

Maintained Comfort

Wi-Fi thermostats keep your family comfortable while saving you money. These smart thermostats learn your family’s habits through interviews completed through the app and from your personal adjustments. If you need to adjust temperatures outside of the normal schedule, just log on to the app from your device.

Your Wi-Fi thermostat can do a lot, but you’ll need to keep up with regular maintenance. With busy summer life underway, it’s easy to forget changing your air filter. Wi-Fi thermostats help you remember this important task to keep your AC running at its best.

Temperature Accountability

It’s no secret that family members or even room mates can disagree on temperature settings. We’ve probably all been guilty of secretly changing the thermostat at least once in our lives. Wi-Fi thermostats keep both parties accountable because the app records who changed the temperature and when.

When the McKinney, Texas summer heats up your electric bill, you might think about a Wi-Fi thermostat. If you’re unsure whether a Wi-Fi thermostat is right for your home, call us today at 888-414-4655. Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating is here to answer any questions you have.