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As a home owner in Richardson TX, the prospect of replacing your heating system may seem confusing and frustrating. With so many different types of systems, made by various manufacturers and offering different features, deciding upon a new heating system is a daunting process without expert assistance. At Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer help for deciding on your options for home heating in Richardson TX. From deciding on electric versus gas to scheduling the installation date, we are here to assist you.

Energy Efficiency
Gas furnaces offer a higher level of energy efficiency than electric furnaces or heat pumps. In addition, the cost of gas fuel is usually lower than the cost of electricity in order to attain the same indoor temperature. This means that homeowners may pay 1-2 times more to heat their homes with electric as opposed to gas.

Installation Costs
The cost of installing an electric heat pump or furnace is less than the cost of installing a gas furnace. Not only is the furnace itself cheaper, but an electric furnace takes less time to install and requires few if any modifications to your home. Electric furnaces also have a greater longevity than gas furnaces. You can expect an electric furnace to provide effective home warming for about 30 years, compared to 15 years for a gas furnace. If there is not already gas service to your property, paying to install gas lines may be cost prohibitive. 

System Features
In cold climates, a gas furnace is a more effective option to heat your home. When temperatures drop below freezing, a gas fired furnace is able to achieve indoor comfort faster than electric. Electric furnaces and heat pumps are more suited to mild climates where the temperature rarely drops below freezing. For those who are bothered by noise, gas furnaces make more noise during heat cycles due to the combustion process. Electric furnaces and heat pumps create a minimal amount of noise.

Maintenance Requirements
Gas furnaces may require more maintenance than electric furnaces or heat pumps. Because a gas furnace is converting fuel into heat, it creates more waste products, including carbon monoxide. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the system is free of carbon monoxide leaks. Electric furnaces and heat pumps should have 1-2 maintenance checks per year to ensure they are operating with optimal efficiency.

When you need professional and unbiased advice about heating in Richardson TX, our team at Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning & Heating is here for you. With many years of experience in the heating installation business, we have aided consumers in making efficient and affordable heating system choices. By offering service with integrity, punctuality and competitive prices, we hope to provide for all of your future HVAC needs in Richardson TX. For further information or assistance in comparing electric and gas options for your new HVAC system, all you need to do is call us at your earliest convenience. Our experts are here 24/7 to assist you.

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