When people look for a new home in Dallas, Texas, they usually know which area they’d like to live in, how much space they would like to have, how big the yard should be, and many other ideal characteristics. However, many buyers don’t consider more practical factors when they’re looking for a home, like the HVAC system, the condition of the ductwork, and the amount of insulation.

The HVAC System

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you should have its HVAC system checked by a professional. Buying a new heater or air conditioner is expensive, and a home with an old unit that will need to be replaced soon is often less valuable than a home with a newer, more efficient system. Having the HVAC system in your potential new home checked by an expert also helps you catch any hidden problems. For example, you could simply have a dirty air filter.

The Condition of the Ductwork

Even if you’re not an expert, you can recognize inefficient ductwork. Look for visible ducts in the attic or the basement. Most duct systems are relatively simple. If you see ducts with lots of loops and turns, the home’s ductwork could be designed poorly. This can lower the efficiency of the HVAC system and increase your utility bills. You should also look for leaks or gaps in ductwork.

The Amount of Insulation

Insulation is essential for keeping pests and pollutants like pollen out of your home. It also helps your home stay a comfortable temperature, saving energy on heating and cooling. Insulation can even protect you and your family from annoying noises. When you explore a home, be aware of the temperature in different rooms. You can look for leaks in your insulation by turning off the HVAC system and using a string to test each room. The string will move near air leaks.

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