Here in the Dallas, Texas, area, the weather stays warm throughout the fall. Many residents are trying to keep their energy bills under control, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. Battling high temperatures is easier when you follow some simple tips, such as using ceiling fans, spacing out appliance use, and keeping shades drawn.

Use Fans

Using a ceiling, box, or standing fan can help maintain airflow in any room. Keeping your fans running also doesn’t require nearly as much energy as it takes to run the air conditioner, so opting for fans instead will help you reduce monthly bills. When the air is moving around, it can feel several degrees cooler in the room.

Space Out Appliance Use

Certain major appliances in your home generate a lot of heat. For example, running the dishwasher creates heat and steam that can increase the temperature in the kitchen. Running your dryer will also make it warmer in your laundry area, which can extend to the rest of the house. The oven is the appliance that generates the most heat, especially when you’re baking. Limit use of these appliances to times of the day when it’s cooler, such as after the sun has gone down or early in the morning.

When you have the oven on in the middle of the afternoon, your house will definitely feel hotter. On warm fall days, try cooking your meals on the grill instead of using the oven or stove.

Prevent the Greenhouse Effect

When the sun is shining through your windows, the UV rays will heat up your home as well. During the hours when the sun is up, keep the shades drawn and the curtains closed to limit how much sunlight comes into the space.

Poor air conditioning efficiency can also contribute to a home that feels hot during the fall season. Schedule a preseason tuneup of your cooling system by calling Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning & Heating at 888-414-4655.

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