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Ryan explained everything very well. We have a major problem and he helped us to find the right solution for us. He was very patient and very professional and we really appreciate his help . We did not expect to need a new system but we understand.

Judy B.

Our Tech Ryan, was on time as usual. I am always amazed at how cordial and efficient every tech has been. In reading the reviews you see people saying that they will be requesting a certain tech. Every tech that has been to our home has been nothing less than super so I would see no reason to ask for a particular one. I also appreciate the fact that if I forget to schedule the pm, then I always get a call that it is time as opposed to just letting it slip by. Always very professional and efficient and it is much appreciated.

Terry E.

I want to compliment Joplin Air Conditioning on the level of service we have received. We had to replace a Trane 2-ton Condenser and Coil Unit last week. Joplin was recommended by a friend. We also had known the Joplin family since 1980 when we first moved to McKinney. It was sad to hear of Bill’s passing last year.

We received the highest level of service from your crew. Specifically Walley R. (Employee # 333), and Travis S. (Employee # 348). They did the install on 5/12/16. Specifically I was impressed with Walley and his mission to enhance Travis’s training and skills. I watched and listened to Walley as he took the time to share his many techniques used to organize the job, what tools to use, then commission and test the new unit. Walley explained to me your management had sent him with Travis and that he was to take time that day to train Travis. He was patient, communicated precisely, demonstrated where needed, and shared his expertise. There were several others on the phone and I should mention Janis Harbin and Jeff (supervisor) who gave us the estimate/finance as all being very professional, as well.

It is also a great demonstration of your corporate culture that you hired Travis, a Vet. He learned fast and worked well with Walley.

Joplin Air and your staff have “Quality and Put the Customer First” mentally. You should all be proud and I know Bill would be.

Patrick H.

I started working with Joplin’s three years ago with Chuck Warner. When I finally was ready to make the plunge on new units I decided to get three estimates. One of their major competitors (A1 Air) chose to take a path and bad mouth the Carrier product that Joplin’s uses. I had done enough research to know Carrier is a quality product.

When I asked Chuck some questions about Carrier and why a competitor is claiming such bad things about Carrier, he took the high road and with a very professional response chose to not engage in bad mouthing a company or product and ensured me he and his company stand by their product and service. This ultimately cleared my final decision to stay with Joplin’s.

When I left a message to the other company that they were not going to get my business, I never even received a thank you or acknowledgement to my decision. After such heavy pressure sales, one would think they would at least acknowledge my decision and get some feedback.

Joplin’s has completed my install and I am very happy with the work from the sales experience with Chuck to the install crew that has installed my equipment.

Thank you for being such a great company. Chuck Warner, thank you for sticking with me over three years back and forth before we closed on the deal!

Thomas K.

Joseph and Christopher did an outstanding job on my system and Chuck did a great inspection. The installation and professionalism was unparamount. Thank you so much for delivering such a great service.

Kurry S.

You have been our service provider for approx. 10 years. We built our home in 2000. So when it was time get our 2 units replaced we researched the web for opinions and info regarding type of units, got estimates and all the needed info.

Carrier was top on the list but most important was the installation, no matter what make of unit you put in. So we decided on Joplin.

We are so pleased with your company. Sergio was very informative at our home, he answered all of our questions and made us feel secure with our choices.

Eric & Greg gave us 100+% with their skills, answered all our questions (so we could understand them) and were just so wonderful to deal with. The installation staff were also great…it was getting hot!!! They cleaned up like it was their own property. We appreciate all their hard work!!!

We would not hesitate to recommend your company and the staff, who worked at our home, to anyone.

Pat & Diane D.

I felt compelled to write this letter about a truly outstanding service. Bawdy has serviced our 4 A.C. units for years and has always done a fantastic job. We recently purchased 3 new A.C. units from Joplin’s due to your company’s integrity and service, due in large part to Baldemar.

I trust him, and he always explains the work so well. He leaves the work area exactly like it was before he came. He is a problem solver; over the years, if something is not “cookie cutter”, Bawdy could diagnose and solve the issue.

Baldemar is a “poster child” for Joplin’s high integrity and honesty standards.

I hope the company realizes that great work he does.

P.S. I hardly ever write such letters…but felt guilty not writing to you as I have thought about Bawdy’s great customer service for years!

Patty C.

Just wanted to let you know that I think that your employee, Tommy Wilson and your company is great. Yesterday, on a Sunday, our air conditioning went out for the 3rd time in a months. The first two times, our landlord told us that his home warranty didn’t consider this an emergency!!!! WHAT is was over a 100 degrees. We decided to call and have it fixed on our dime and deal with the landlord and his home warranty company later. Within 20 minutes of placing a call to your company, Tommy was there and had the air fixed in less than 30 minutes. Why couldn’t the home warranty and their agent get this fixed? All I know, is that IF we ever have an issue in the future, your company is who we will call. Being new to the neighborhood and Texas, I didn’t know who to call, but your company had a commercial on the TV and that is why I called. Thank you Tommy Wilson and Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

Lisa L. R.

Bill Joplin’s is an excellent service provider. They have completely revamped my HVAC system starting with “N” coil evaporators (circa 2011) on the 3 and 3.5 ton units several years ago and then R6 ducting throughout the attic and then a new 5 ton and now new 3 and 3.5 ton Compressor /Condenser units. R6 is a better value than R8 cost/benefit. They were the lowest bidder and the ONLY bidder who completely understood technically what was needed. The initial 3 and 3.5 ton “N” coils are much more efficient than builder grade flat slab coils. They were handling R22 initially until the Compressor/ Condenser units needed replacement. They know, as did I, that the Carrier “N” coils would handle the R22 (lower pressure ) and the higher system pressure Puron refrigerant later on. Other bidders when the system was still R22 stated that new evap coils would be need when converting from R22 to Puron. This is because they were not providing the higher pressure rated coils. Joplin worked with me on the total plan. Without being arrogant I am an engineer and I knew what to ask and they knew what to propose. Use the Texas A&M web site for some good info on home HVAC system design. The results are before I could barely keep my house bellow 80F in the warmest months. Now I can keep it in the mid to low 70s and it costs about $800 less per year!

Jim W.

Excellent work, great customer service, and Carrier branded equipment. The total job was almost 13K which I know is a big price tag. I am sure I probably could have found a cheaper solution, but I am sure it would be lesser equipment and almost certainly a lesser experience too. I felt I received good value. Finally, one small point. Since they are not far away, I dropped by their office to pay them. It is a decent-sized operation that seemed to be well organized. I feel they have a real company backing up their work, not just a couple of guys with a van. … Highly recommended

Bob R

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